About me

I always describe myself as an internaut and I checked, you can actually get a google definition for that. I’m an internet child, I grew up in IRC chatrooms, community forums, early stages of social media and insecure online games. To this day I still roam the interweb looking for entertainment and knowledge.

An image of a man weaing a ridiculous looking headset with the caption 'Welcome to the internet, I will be your guide'. Its a funny meme picture.

Not me in the picture

Having grown up on the internet, I remember when youtube videos were actaully useful and consise. They were usually voiced by another 10 year old, and it was always the right answer for your problems. Having this kind of access to knowledge I quickly picked up how to ‘code’. Back then, it was basically copy pasting css blocks into myspace, but still, it was code. Had to have those flashy cursor trails amiright?

My love for coding really happened because of online gaming. In the earlier stages of the internet, a simple line of JavaScript could break entire networks. Security was pretty much null. I spent a lot of time in forums trying to learn from what others have created. Usually it was some sort of bot or cheat program. I loved that you could cheat in an online game to gain an advantage over others. Had to have those fake coins amiright? Anyway, as I tried tirelessly trying to mod and cheat my favourite games (often failing), I picked up on programming. It started with VB Basic. It was the easiest and most appealing programming language to pick up since it was so UI friendly. Drag on a button, double click, and make function do something. It was awesome.

After a while when security was becoming a thing, I realized I didn’t like spending hours trying to decipher some network logs just to create an exploit. Instead I began focusing my time on creating things like fan websites, clan websites, forum signatures, etc. My focus became web developement instead of web destruction. Fast forward to today, Im a full time Intermediate Software Developer (Front End) working with technologies like React, Electron, CSS Grids, etc, and I’m lovin’ in. I also do part time management of a WordPress website which allows me to keep my overall skills in check, not just front-end.

If you have questions, or would like to know more, shoot me an email!