PoGo Master Raider

Master Raider

The name is a joke, but the app is for real

I started this app during the holidays because I had some extra time on my hands. I spent a bunch of my free time raiding in Pokemon Go. It was fun, I'm the type of peron that enjoys collecting rare things, in this case, pokemon :P

The raiding community is amazing, the entire process is run by people like me who want to provide a way for remote raids. There are apps that, while they did work, it was the source of a lot of frusturations.

Like the good old saying goes, something something build it yourself, so that is what I set out to do.

I learned a ton, even did a bit of Java coding :'D that's a whole new achievement for me.

I'm really happy with the way this app turned out and if it provides anyone benefit that is a blessing in itself :)

Tools used:
  • Stack Overflow
  • Google
  • Java
  • Android Studio
  • React Native
  • Native Modules
  • MongoDB
  • Express Server
  • Socket.io
  • Postman
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